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Keeping Track of Projects

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3-D ChessI’ve noticed that each assignment I have is actually a project. I’ve also noticed that juggling these projects is stressful and worrisome. The key for me has been to view these assignments as entities that require planning in more than one dimension. I’ve ultimately come to view the process as a variation on the 3-D chess played on Star Trek. It makes sense since each element of each project impacts each element of each project.

To get a handle on everything I’ve tried a number of things that did not work. They didn’t work because everything wasn’t all in one place or because everything was on a computer and I wasn’t at a computer or because it was all on paper but there was no way to see it all by date. You get what I mean, I’m sure.

So now I have gone to an admittedly ridiculous length and it is working! Beautifully! I found these Action Day project planning planners at Staples. They are perfect! I have one that is large and not bound. This one I’m using for my book proposal because I know it is going to be  an ongoing project with a lot of detail. For my blog, I’m using a smaller, spiral bound version. It allows me to plan my posts and see what’s next.

The final step? I put what I have to do each day in my Filofax that is with me all the time. It sounds like a lot of work – okay, it is a lot of work – but for the first time in years, I know my projects are planned out and I know I’m using my time wisely day-to-day.



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